by Martino

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The Planet of Crossing was first mentioned in ancient Babylon as a heavenly calf associated with the god Marduk (whose name means 'place of transition' or 'crossing path'). Early scholars believed the ancient Sumerians were referring to the planet Jupiter, but recently a theory based on various ancient sources has gained momentum claiming that Nibiru is actually an undiscovered planet with an orbital period around the sun of roughly 3,600 years, which coincidentally was the same number of years ago the planet's orbit reached its Perihelion point. Based on those numbers, the forthcoming Perigee point of Nibiru's orbit coincides with the Earth's winter solstice of 2012.

While the established scientific community largely ignores the proponents of the theory, a growing number of individuals are making preparations for the catastrophe that will follow Earth and Nibiru's crossing of paths.


released March 3, 2009

Composed, produced, and performed by Martino Lozej for Mafia Princess Music (SOCAN). Copyright (c) 2009 Soulstream Records. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Martino Toronto, Ontario

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